Your blog is important to you

That’s why we’ve designed Ruksack to amplify your blog, not replace it. It’s another tool in your toolbox.

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What's in it for you


Your content, your brand

Brand your travel tips in the app, allow fans to explore deeper into your content and benefit from exposure when your tips are shared.

A mobile solution travelers crave

Transform your content to a travel-friendly format so you can re-engage fans when they are on-the-go and need it most.

Engagement beyond the blog

Keep your audience engaged beyond your blog when they are ready to make a plan and lock-it in with bookings.

The simplest way to go mobile

Easily publish high-quality content in the app
without taking valuable time and attention away from your blog

Analytics that help you grow

Gain instant insight into conversion metrics, audience growth and engagement to help you communicate the strength of your brand. (coming soon)

Monetize in new ways

Benefit from the booking transactions you’ve helped make happen and offer paid services that travelers are hungry for. (coming soon)

Geting started is easy


  • Step 1: Create and publish a guide in the Ruksack dashboard

    With our creator dashboard, you can easily convert your existing blog content and publish a guide in the app within minutes. Copy text from your blog post, paste it into the editor, select an image and voila!

  • Step 2: Add the Ruskack widget to your blog post.

    The widget tells your fans that they can save your content to the Ruksack app.

    1. Head to your CMS and into the blog post you want to add the widget to

    2. Paste this javascript into the header of your blog post code so your widget knows to be clickable:

    3. <script src=""></script>  

    4. Decide where in your blog post you want the Ruksack widget to appear and paste the following so your snippet knows where to go and what to look like. Note, you will need to replace 'ruksack_link' with the actual link to your travel guide/list (e.g. li-12345678)

    5. <div class="r_outer_box r_no-print" data-url="ruksack_link"></div>

    6. Hold that thought and go into the corresponding guide in your Ruksack Dashboard. Copy the Ruksack guide URL at the top of the page.

    7. Back to your CMS, replace the highlighted section of the above code with your Ruksack guide URL. It will look something like this:

    8. header right area